Tuesday, April 14, 2009

my oasis

So, after a busy season of Lent and a lot of worships in a very short time during Holy Week and Easter, I now find myself away enjoying some relaxation and reconnection.

Wartburg Seminary invites its graduates back for a three year retread. So, three years after you've graduated you're invited to come back and reconnect with your graduating class, as well as help the seminary evaluate its curriculum.

I have been excited about this for almost three years. I knew that this would be the first time I would see many of my classmates after graduation, as we've been spread hither and yon. And seminary friends are great because even though you might be separated by great distances, and you might not be the best at keeping in touch, once you're together again you are able to pick up where you left off. It's like the time in between when you last saw each other and when you see each other again seems to shrink and fade.

Except, it's still obvious that the time has passed. Children who were a little more than a year old when we parted ways after graduation are now four. They are talking like crazy and running around. There are many new kids among us, who have arrived during the in between time. And we've all had a lot of experiences and adventures in the past three years.

But it's been good to reconnect, to see each other again, to share our stories and hear the stories of others. It's comforting to hear that we share many of the same struggles, and that we've all experienced great joys. It's fun to hear and see the many ways that God has blessed each one of us since we graduated from seminary.

And as I sit here typing this, tired from a day of much activity and learning, and after having had a great supper with a large group of friends, and then a much quieter evening sharing stories and jokes with a smaller group of four friends, I can't help but think that our time here is short. In only a day and a half many of us will be parting ways again. Who knows, this time, when we'll get back together in such a large group or in such an intentional way. There will be many more experiences and adventures to face, many more sorrows and struggles and joys to experience. There will be much ministry given and received. As much as I don't look forward to the end of this time together, I am excited for all of the potential and the amazing gifts for ministry that have gathered together at this place for this short time, and I am excited for the people and the Church with which we will share these gifts, and I can't wait to hear about the stories that have not happened yet.

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