Monday, March 16, 2009

a welcome guest

The sun has been sticking around longer and longer each day.

A couple of days ago I saw geese flying overhead.

Yesterday I was able to go for a long walk outside wearing shorts.

Today I was able to go outside wearing shorts, again.

Tomorrow I'm planning on liberating my bike from the garage and going on a nice, long ride.

All these things add up to mean one thing: Spring is coming!

And I cannot wait.

You see, my friends, I don't pretend to be some mighty winter warrior. I will gladly tell you that I love warmer weather, where I can go outside in shorts and sandals. My brother says he prefers the cold because you can always add a layer of clothing, but when it's hot there is only so much you can take off. But I would rather be hot and sweaty than cold and shivering. I am, undeniably, a warm weather person.

But I realize I live in Minnesota. Cold winters come with the territory and so I try not to complain. I try to buckle down and make it through the winter. I put on long underwear. I wear sweaters and fleece and sometimes multiple socks. I wear a stocking cap and gloves.

But I have to admit, I am ready for this winter to be over. I have been cooped up inside and have had to trudge through snow and ice for too long. I have longed for bike rides and warm breezes. I have had my hopes dashed again and again by heavy snowfalls. So this warm weather is a much anticipated and extremely welcome guest.

Although, as I said, I realize I live in Minnesota. I am not so foolish as to believe that winter has breathed its last for the season. But I do know that Spring is coming. I can feel it.

And for that, I am excited.

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