Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prayer Night

Once a week, here at L'Arche, we have what's called a prayer night. We all gather together in one of the houses and we share a meal together. Then one of the assistants leads a group activity. After the activity, there's a time for announcements and prayer, and then we all mosey back to our houses for nighttime routines.

This last Tuesday was my first Prayer Night as an assistant here at L'Arche. Because of that, during the announcements, Thomas, our community leader, announced that I was finally here in the flesh. People started to clap but then one of the core members from my house said, at an elevated volume, "Hallelujah!"

This caused people to clap louder and to laugh. It was a funny moment (one of many to come, I'm sure) but it was also a heart-warming moment. Hallelujah is a word used to express praise or joy. It's said in thanksgiving to God for what God has done for us. And it was said last night at Prayer Night because I am now a part of the community here at L'Arche Heartland.

Hallelujah. I'm here.

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